Chi Kung Detox Workshop next 2-session programs: Saturday June 3 and 10 (9-10am) *minimum participants req'd.

or Tuesdays June 6 and 13 (noon to 1pm) *minimum participants req'd.


Turbo charge your journey to balance!

This is a three-session, hands-on workshop covering the treasured Six Healing Sounds Chi Kung along with a specially formulated 10-day organ cleanse protocol.
Six Healing Sounds (liuzijue) Chi Kung is a therapeutic breathing routine based on Chinese medicine and acupuncture principles. You'll learn how to combine six gentle movements with unique breathing skills to target each of the vital organ systems. The goal is to help promote optimal function and improve the alleviation of metabolic toxins. Safe and effective, easy to learn and suitable for most everyone.
We'll compliment and enhance the results of the chi kung training with the 10-day Clear Change Program that targets the major pathways of detoxification in the body--the kidneys, liver and digestive system. This is a scientifically based cleanse program that consistently brings positive results!  The kit combines a specially formulated medical food, anti-oxidant protection and recommended nutrition plan to achieve success. To be on the safe side, this portion is not recommended for those undergoing active chemo or radiation treatment, are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Please contact Dr. Mrazek if you have any questions about the program or your suitability to participate.


$208 Workshop Complete

$159 Detox Kit only, no chi kung

$68 Chi Kung only, no detox kit







Saturdays, 9-10AM: June 3 & 10, 2017

or Tuesdays noon-1PM: June 6 & 13

Chinese Cultural Centre

upstairs studio-2nd floor

1813 Halifax Street, Regina


*Feel free to bring comfortable footwear.


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