A typical first visit

at our centre




What is a typical visit like?

Plan to arrive just prior to your appointment time. Please ring the clinic buzzer on your arrival.


A first visit is a full hour. We'll review your health history and current concerns. Physical examination and Naturopathic assessments are done as they apply to each case as necessary. You’ll be informed of recommended treatment options, then work with the Naturopathic Doctor to create a plan to reach your goal.


Medicines or nutritional supplements may be prescribed at this time, recommendations given for additional lab testing or consult with other professionals as beneficial, dietary or lifestyle adjustments outlined, along with other directives and recommendations pertaining to your case. Your progress will be monitored and reassessed as needed. The frequency of return visits decreases according to your progress.

Patients who want to take an active role and responsibility for their own health tend to derive many positive benefits from Naturopathic Medicine!

Payment Methods & Insurance

We accept a variety of payment methods (listed here). You pay for your visit and any supplements or supplies issued to you at the end of your visit. You are issued a receipt. If you have insurance with Naturopathic Medicine coverage, your receipt has all the information you require to make a claim.

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