Philosophy of

Naturopathic Medicine

What does a life of meaning entail?


That answer is up to you, but it might likely include things like health, fitness, energy, emotional clarity, happiness, spirituality, longevity, meaningful interactions with others...these are some things we can say are important to us.


For all of us, it's not easy to find, and keep the balance. It seems there's always something that tries to get in our way. Sometimes we feel overburdened, unable to reach the place where we want to be. But with the right guidance, our efforts, large and small, should have better results. This is where a Naturopathic Doctor fits in nicely!


When it comes to our health, we must include all layers of our being; there is no separation between mind, body and spirit. So in this mindset, we seek more than the absence of disease. We're looking for a state of being that allows us to make meaningful contributions to family and community, to excel in our endeavours, and to find personal meaning in life.


Let’s work together toward your goals, step by step, at a pace that’s right for you!

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine has a long history that embraces Eastern and Western traditional medical systems. It is both and art and science. As we make advances in medical understanding and technology, so too our practice evolves. At the core of this medicine system is the art, centred around several key principles:


Naturopathic Medicine means ‘using nature to cure or prevent disease’.


Naturopathic Medicine takes into account all factors responsible for your health and uses gentle, effective methods to restore balance by complementing our natural healing potential. We seek to treat the whole person and not limit our scope to trying only to palliate symptoms.


We understand the importance of prevention. In order to prevent or minimize our risk of disease, we must live well. This involves patient education and lifestyle counseling. Diet, sleep, stress management, and exercise all play a vital role.


As a preventative model, Naturopathic Medicine is cost effective and helps take the burden off the health care system.


It’s a proven fact that healthier people are happier and more productive. What does this spell for the workplace, school, community or country? Take care of yourself and feel your best and also give the very best you can!


Find the Cause, Treat the Root of Disease: Real cure means removing the conditions that allow disease to exist. This holds true physically, emotionally, spiritually. There is no separation. In concern for one aspect, all aspects are at once involved. Suppression of symptoms is avoided. Support for the entire person is key, and should be provided to restore balance.


For many concerns, Naturopathic Medicine works well as an integrative approach with conventional medicine.


Palliative Care: For some, a total cure may not always be possible. Naturopathic medicine can do much to relieve symptoms, side effects, and lessen suffering.


Doctor as Teacher: To educate, inspire rational hope, and encourage self-responsibility. This is one of the ultimate goals of the Naturopathic Doctor.


Safety: We must respect the effects that herbs, acupuncture and other therapies have on the body. The Naturopathic Doctor is well-trained and understands how and when to apply these medicines.

Marketing hype can be frustrating and confusing for people trying to discern what is most suitable for their needs. Herbal medicine is one example where proper guidance helps avoid negative interactions and promotes positive results while saving time and money.

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