• Dr. T. R. Mrazek, ND


Thanks for visiting Dr. Mrazek, ND! As you may know there's a lot going on here! Our clinic is inside the Chinese Cultural Centre, which is also home to! I'm a volunteer for both organizations, and Chief Instructor for Chung Wah Kung Fu, along with a pile of other martial arts related involvements.

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine is something I really enjoy because it a rewarding journey of continual learning, which insights help my martial arts development. Between the martial and medical aspects, I get to work with many excellent people of all ages.

These traditional arts have an inseparable relationship--qigong (Chi Kung), tai chi, kung fu (aka traditional Chinese martial arts), traditional Chinese medicine & acupuncture, are all founded on the same theories and principles.

As an avid musician, I also apply the same philosophies. They might seem like different things but they are no different. I enjoy talking with like-minded people on these topics--preferably in person.

I'm not really a blogger or into social media (and I venture into the world of blogging somewhat hesitantly). I prefer in-person conversations or putting the time into my own training and art. But I'm here to help and I think there's some things I can connect to good people with.


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