Scope of

Naturopathic Medicine

Acupuncture: sterile needles are inserted at precise points to stimulate the nervous, endocrine, circulatory, and immune systems. Also includes oriental herbs and medicines to restore balance in the body.


Herbal Medicine: botanicals are very effective for the treatment of many conditions. Naturopathic physicians are expert in proper administration and potential side-effects.


Nutritional Therapy: using specific dietary regimens for daily health, organ detox and cleansing, improving energy or healing.


Homeopathy: using minute substances of plants, minerals etc, to stimulate the body’s natural immunity.


Naturopathic Therapies: varied applications to affect the nervous, lymphatic, musculoskeletal and circulatory systems include hydrotherapy, soft tissue manipulation, acupressure, spinal adjustment, heat, therapeutic ultrasound and neuromuscular microcurrent therapy.


Lifestyle Counselling: techniques to resolve stress, mental-emotional conflict, and provide education and advice in creating a balanced, healthy and positive lifestyle.


Unique: This system of medicine is able to embrace compatible systems and modalities. As a result, each practitioner is able to tailor their practice to their strengths and passions.

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